SWEDU Teams from the Weekend



Congratulations to all our teams from the first ever SWEDU Phoenix event. We’re so proud that you were motivated to learn, take feedback, and put your ideas out there. Here are all of the great ideas from the weekend:

  • First place
    Read Together is the ideal mix of education, youth service, design, and business that strives to encourage reading aloud with children, whether the child and the concerned adult (primary caregiver) are physically together or apart.
  • Second place
    GuestEd connects teachers to speakers to enrich student learning.
  • Third place
    Onvard is an employee training software tool for small business.
  • InGauge improves education through real time feedback and analytics.
  • Paugme is a augmented reality virtual buddy that helps teach empathy and appropriate reactions to children with autism.
  • Break It Up teaches students and teachers how to self regulate throughout the day.
  • Active Kid connects low-income families to high-quality and affordable extracurricular activities for their children.
  • StretchU does just-in-time PD for teachers via text message.

Thank you all! Pictures to come soon.